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Smart Dreams Home Phone - FAQ


We are highly recommended to have an internet speed of at least 2 Mbps or more to make or receive a call.

SmartDreams Home phone line is able to receive Faxes (If anyone sends you a fax it will notice in your online) but this is not a feature that SmartDreams can support.

To change your voicemail welcome message on SmartDreams Phone line that others hear when someone make a call your number, dial *98, then press 3 and follow the options.


DmartDreams is planned for customers who are looking for the same great service but don't want to set up the structure themselves.

Dial *98 from your SmartDreams home phone and press 3 for Personal Options, then 3 for record your greeting words

High-speed internet connection Analog Telephone

SmartDreams presents a form of 9-1-1 service that is similar to traditional 9-1-1 service but has some important differences and limitations when compared with enhanced 9-1-1 service (E911) available in most locations in conjunction with traditional telephone service

Do not contact your current phone company to disconnect your local telephone service.

Your telephone number must be active with your old telephone company for us to bring your number to SmartDreams during our number process.

Transferring a number can take anywhere from 15 Business days.

During the transfer period, your current phone line will continue to function normally.

Plug and play and use your SmartDreams service as soon as you receive your Phone adapter!

No need to wait for any activation, once you receive the SmartDreams Phone Adapter.
It just plugs & play and you can start to talk.