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How Smart Dreams Works/

How Smart Dreams Phone Works

How does work

Smart Dreams work over your internet connection. We transmit your phone calls over your existing internet connection, instead of your phone line, with our adapter. But, even though your phone uses the internet while you're making a call, your computer isn't needed, so turn it off, or use it as you would normally.

The people you call don't need to be Smart Dreams members or use our services for you to call them. All they need is a regular phone, and all you have to do is dial. To call your new Smart Dreams line, all you have to do is provide your phone number, and your contacts dial as usual. Its very easy and more reliability for customers.

How Smart Dreams Works/

Smart Dreams uses an adapter to deliver reliable phone service over your high-speed internet connection. All you need to do is purchase a Smart Dreams phone adapter (plans include our adapter as part of the package), or there is a installation fee. This creates a link between your internet router and your regular phone. The adapter allows you to use Smart Dreams phone services via your high-speed internet connection. With our Smart Dreams adapter, installation is super-easy— just plugs your phone line and internet cable into the Smart Dreams adapter and now you can place calls.

Some cordless phone systems come with base units and the option for extra handsets. The base station of the cordless telephone plugs directly into the Vonage phone adapter. The multiple handsets can then be placed anywhere in your house. The only limitation to the number of handsets you have, depends on the number of handsets your unit supports.

Use your existing home telephone wiring to route Vonage service throughout your house to your existing telephone jacks. The Vonage line can support up to 5 phones


  • A high-speed Internet connection whether cable or DSL broadband
  • A regular home phone or land line handset
  • A Canadian shipping address
  • A Canadian credit card