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Our Smart Dreams team come forward to supporting our valuable customers with the high level of our service representatives they are happy to be assist for you.

You can also e-mail us to verify your inquires such the ways to figure out quickly. The following contacts can help you to reach any time.

General Information:
Technical Support:

SmartDreams team is now available to trouble shoot or assist your technical question via submitting ticket system. Once you submit your issues, your ticket has been sent to our technical support team and they will go over it and reply you soon.

Common issues:

*incoming calls problems or can’t hear anything
There is a problem on your Modem or Router, for SmartDreams home phone line cannot be supported for the following Brand devices: Belkin and D-Link.

*No ringing sound:
Check your network connection
Check the LED lights on SmartDreams device should be green and solid.
Check your phone Line connection.

SmartDreams recommended Routers: Cisco & Linksys.

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